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Interested in becoming a client?

180 Degrees Consulting at UBC provides affordable consulting services to non-profit organizations and social enterprises that seek to improve the lives of people and the planet. Our services are offered primarily to organizations in the Greater Vancouver area, but we often extend our work to organizations beyond. If your organization is interested in becoming a client, we invite you to get in touch with us to learn more.



We offer consulting services in a wide range of areas. The following are samples of engagement scopes for client projects that we have done:

Entry & Expansion
  • Entry & Growth Strategy

  • Market Research & Analysis

  • New Products and Services Development

  • Pricing & Cost Models

Operations Improvement
  • Business Model Transformation

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Volunteer Acquisition & Retention

  • Funding Models

  • Partnership Strategy

Mergers & Acquisition
  • Business Assessment

  • Financial Analysis (Asset Valuation & DCF Modelling)

  • Economic Analysis

Marketing & Engagement
  • Social Impact Measurement

  • Website & UX design

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Customer Analytics


We conduct our work with clients for a duration of 4 months, either in the Fall or Spring. The Fall term runs from September to December, and the Spring term runs from January to May. Clients are welcome to conduct multiple projects with 180 UBC.

Please refer to the following timeline for a look at a typical project with 180 UBC.

Fall Term

Spring Term

Client Recruitment and Proposals

Jun to Aug

Oct to Dec

Clients are sought out and considered by our executive team for the upcoming term

Project Development and Recruitment

Aug to Sept


Contract signing, breadth of project is determined, and consultants are recruited to work on the project

Project Kick-off



Clients, consultants, and mentors meet, and initial meetings and research are conducted

Strategy Development



Consultants continue to conduct research, seek data, and check in with clients bi-weekly

Solution Exploration



Consultants analyze and develop solutions, and prepare recommendations for the client

Recommendations and Deliverables



Consultants present their final deliverables and recommendations to clients

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