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Engagement Overview

Our Timeline

Our Mission

180 Degrees UBC prioritizes partnerships with organizations dedicated to maximizing their social impact. Our objective is to offer pro-bono consulting services to these mission-driven organizations, empowering them to make a positive difference in the world. Through our expertise and support, we assist them in achieving their goals and creating meaningful and lasting change.


Week 0

  • Clients are sought after, project brief is developed

  • Legal documents are exchanged between clients and 180

  • Consultants are recruited


Week 1 - 2

  • Consultants are trained and assigned a client engagement

  • Project Teams meet with Industry Mentors and Clients to confirm scope of engagement

Our Background

At 180 Degrees UBC, we are a diverse group of students from various majors and departments who are dedicated to making a social impact. Our consultants undergo a rigorous screening process and receive comprehensive training and mentorship from industry professionals. We provide our members with the necessary tools and skills to excel in every project, whether they are new to consulting or experienced. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our engagements.


Week 3 - 5

  • Consultants conduct primary and secondary research on project

  • Teams prepare a mid-engagment presentation to present to 180 team and client


Week 6 - 7

  • Teams present their midterm presentation to the 180DC team and the client and incorporate feedback

Our Timeline

Typically, our consulting engagements at 180 Degrees UBC span 3-4 months, mirroring the duration of an academic semester at UBC. Throughout the engagement, our teams meet with clients on a monthly basis to ensure alignment with their vision and goals. Working in groups of four to six, our student teams conduct research and deliver recommendations to address our client's primary challenges.


Week 8 - 10

  • Consultants analyze and develop solutions and prepare recommendation for client


Week 11 - 12

  • Teams develop final recommendations and solutions and present to 180DC and mentors for feedback


Week 13 - 14

  • Final presentation to client with recommendations and solutions


Focus Areas

Revenue Generation


Marketing and Engagement


Market Analysis


Expansion Strategy


 Operational Efficiency


Previous Clients

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