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About the Client

Interactive Health International (IHI), a registered Canadian non-profit charity, aims to equalize health education between developed and developing countries. One of the main means by which it aims to do this is CyberPatient, a computer assisted online learning tool for medical students. This tool allows users to examine, diagnose, and operate on virtual patients - after which feedback on their performance is provided.

Project Details

IHI has previously utilized 180dc’s services in Term 2 of the 2020-2021 year, where the team focused on a comprehensive competitive analysis of IHI’s product CyberPatient. The recommendations of the team at 180dc have since been implemented over the summer months, and IHI would like to retain 180dc’s services once again for further strategic analysis as Cyberpatient begins their fundraising and finalizes their go-to-market strategy.

Consulting Team

Project Manager: Lily (Yiying) Lou
Consultant: Diana Vasyliuk
Analysts: Lena Faucher, Yoran Beisher, Elshen Ebadi

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