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Our Team


Joanne Xu

Managing Director

Nils Maetzel

Consulting Director

Michelle Law

Vice President Events

Angus Ho

Vice President Marketing

Thiago da Cunha Vasco

Marketing Assistant

Nicolas Williams

Managing Director

Jeffrey Peng

Vice President Finance

Shahzan Wani

Vice President Finance

Andy Lam

Events Assistant

Executive Team


Each year, our clients receive consulting services from a team of 4-5 180 UBC students, consisting of one team lead and several junior consultants. Each team is assigned a client to work with for the academic year.


Team Lead: Nicole Huynh

Consultants: Angela Lam, Leelaram Elangovan, Hoya Lee, Hidemi Mitani, Matt Wang

Team 1 – SeaSmart: Marketing Strategy + Volunteer Retention

Sea Smart is a Vancouver-based charity dedicated to educating children on ocean protection and environmental sustainability. In order to help our client improve their general summer program enrolment, our project spanned across two initiatives: recommending marketing strategies and developing a volunteer recruitment plan. The marketing strategy sought to raise their overall brand awareness by increasing audience reach and improving marketing materials. The volunteer plan aimed to improve recruitment, engagement, and retention of students to help them build a sustainable volunteer pool for the expansion of programs and initiatives.


Team Lead: Silvia Magnano

Consultants: Yuki Kinoshita, Louise Cheng, Alfredo Ramirez, Khalid Merali, Mina Sidhu

Team 2 – Zero Waste Social Enterprise: Food Security Program Design

Our client is a social enterprise who is seeking to kick-start a non-profit arm dedicated to supporting low-income households by helping them attain food security, eliminate food waste, and access food education programs. Our project was divided into two phases. The first step was conducting initial research to evaluate market conditions along with suitable programs for the non-profit arm. We then proceeded to focus on evaluating the feasibility and design of a food security program.


Team Lead: Sofia (Xue Fei) Wang

Consultants: Huzaifa Wahla, Maxime Rotsaert, Shahzan Wani, David Wang, Simon Roberts

Team 3 – Indigenous Tourism A: Business Growth

Our client is a local indigenous tour operator who seeks to provide jobs for indigenous youth while promoting sustainable tourism. Faced with the challenge of low growth rates in its whale-watching business, our team was given the task to evaluate three potential opportunities: acquisition of a competitor, new capital investment, and organic growth.

Our deliverables included a marketing plan, financial models, a list of customers and hotel responses to our question, and a list of boats in the market. We also provided our client a list of resources that might be useful for them during COVID-19.


Team Lead: Faye Chaisang

Consultants: Isha Trivedi, Eybi Sulam, Kamal Malik, Jose Bermeo

Team 4 – Indigenous Tourism B: Sales & Marketing

Our client is a New Zealand indigenous tour operator looking to enter the Canadian market. Our team recommended sales and distribution strategies to help our client pursue optimal ways to reach customers and generate ticket sales for its indigenous cultural performance. Five sales channels, including e-commerce platforms, print media, online travel agencies, receptive tour operators and cruise ships were analyzed based on a set of criteria to ensure the sustainability, scalability and feasibility of the client’s business. The work involved conducting extensive primary research (10+ interviews with professionals in the tourism industry), secondary research and analyzing the business climate, potential customers, partnerships and tourism industry standards.

Consultant Teams
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